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The striper migration begins in early May with large numbers of striped bass moving into Long Island Sound from the Chesapeake and Hudson Bay area. In addition local stripers swim in from all the Connecticut rivers foraging for the abundant supply of baitfish and crustations that make Long Island Sound their home. Massive quantities of bait move in, weather and sea surface temperatures permitting, by late May early June. At this time, the predatory striped bass move in right behind the bait and the crew aboard First Light moves in right behind the striped bass.

Day charters at this time are very productive. We use a combination of fishing techniques, to include trolling "secret bass weapons" during slack water and the slower stages of the tide. When the current runs stronger we switch over to drifting artificals, sometimes called 3-waying. These two fishing techniques have been proven to be most effective in fishing the eastern end of Long Island Sound.

As water temps get warmer the bass connection moves into nighttime action. Our night bass trips catch the very productive evening transition from light to dark, hopefully under a beautiful sunset, and we begin drifiting live bait over the reefs in search of trophy stripers. by mid June striped bass fishing is going strong and we enjoy great fishing right through October.

Striped Bass


We kick off our groundfish season about the fourth of July. We start with "Fluke'n" by slow drifting Captain Bob's killer fluke rigs on light tack over some of the best bottom structure in CT., New York and Rhode Island. Noank is in close proximity to many hot spots for fluke in all 3 states, providing unlimited fishing opportunities to angler aboard First Light.

The lat summer Sea Bass and Porgy fishing gets into overdrive by the end of July into August. Our all day ground fishing trips to Block Island have been outstanding with non-stop action. When the weather and drift and cooperative, it's "Lock and Load!" with Porgies and Sea Bass.

This Newsletter is a seasonal outline and fishing profile that we at First Light have been working with for many years. We strive for continued improvement. We are always searching for the best choice of bait and tackle. Always searching for the most productive fishing spot, and any other technical detail that will give us the edge in catching fish. Above all, we find time to enjoy the experience that we share fishing together on First Light.

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