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STRIPED BASS:   The 2009 fishing season was another very productive year with abundant catches of both stripers and bluefish on many trips. The striper migration came a little later than usual with regard to the colder than normal weather and water temps. The striper fishing began early in June with good numbers of smaller keepers and mediums on most day trips.
Dave Florin   and his group on June 6th had a great day with lots of actions, catching stripers and some bluefish drifting bucktails in the Race. A substantial presence of bigger striped bass was noted by mid-June into the month of July.   Rick Turcott   and crew came down to fish an evening trip on July 2nd. The BIG stripers couldn't resist those tasty eels the crew put down and slammed them viciously all night. Rick and his crew "limited out", that is: caught as many fish as they could keep, (2 keepers per angler) before the trip was over. The guys released a few more keepers before we went in that night. Rick's group did everything right that night, and the fish were also very aggressive; those elements sum up a memorable fishing trip.

GROUND FISH:   The ground fish season consisted of fabulous catches of progy's and black sea bass. With the unrealistic DEP regulations on fluke fishing, First Light will not book any trips unless by special arrangement. The reality is, unless the regulations change, fluke fishing at this point is strictly catch and release.

Local fishing around Fishers Island Sound has been consistently productive with slammer size porgy's and some keeper size black sea bass mixed in. Porgy trips to locate spots on Fisher's Island Sound were "Lock and Load." As soon as the bait hit the bottom, you either had a bite and missed it, or you caught a fish. These inshore trips were great for families and children because of the non-stop action and calm waters to fish on. The offshore fishing for black sea bass has been a well-kept secret for years. Block Island Sound has been an amazing place to experience bottom fishing for Monster Black Sea Bass at its finest.
Guy Veilleux, Denise, "sea bass slayer" Rose, and the rest of their crew absolutely hammered the black sea bass on August 15. Once the cooler was half full, we only put fish over 14" in the box. The anglers caught a good number of "jumpback" fish in the 20" range that day. For the many "olden days" cod fisherman, try this trip. It resemble those good old days, when cod fishing was a blast. The only difference is, in my opinion, black sea bass taste better.

On to 2010. This year, the temperature this spring appears to be warmer than usually. I predict an early arrival of striped bass into the Sound. Early to mid-June should be a great time to catch striped bass, best through the end of July. The ground fishing should begin to heat up after July 4th right through the end of the fishing season.

Join first mate John Andersen and I, for another exciting year of fishing on the productive waters of Fisher's, Block and Long Island Sounds, sailing from Noank Shipyard, in Noank, CT.

Captain Bob

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